About Us

Welcome to Wonderland Savannahs! We are a small home-based cattery in Southern California. We pride ourselves in raising happy and healthy kittens that make the perfect addition to your family. Devoted to our breeding program, we are striving to produce a domestic cat with sweet and fun temperaments along with exotic looks! We began breedeing these gorgeous animals after falling in love with our first pet savannah. Once a savannah comes into your life, they will win you over with their amazing personalities and beauty!

We searched long and hard to find the perfect additions to our breeding program and home! We love the exotic looks as well as the personalities of our cats. Our breeders are true members of our family... they sleep with us and hang out with us 24/7! You can see our cat family on our gallery page! 

Please visit our kittens page to see what we have available. As you may notice, our name and kitten names all take after a certain Magic Kingdom's characters ;)

Our Bloodline

To produce the best possible kittens we have carefully selected our breeders. We have not only searched high and low for the most beautiful cats, but we have looked for amazing personalities that are sure to make the perfect pets. Our cats come from pure Savannah bloodlines. We have the pedigree for all of our cats and are happy to share your kittens family tree with you! 

Please visit our Queens and Kings pages to see our beautiful breeders!